Scholarship Recipients

2019 Scholarship Recipient – Austin Coe

2019 Patrick Fogarty Recipient was Austin Coe, pictured with Director Kelly Smith.  Austin’s teacher stated, “he is a dedicated and skilled worker and an excellent timekeeper.”  Austin stated, “hopefully the education system can keep courses like shop and log cabin so that people like me can continue with their education.  It helps to keep students like me to stay interested when its not just books its also hands on cause some people learn better that way; and can learn for a career later on in life.  I received a scholarship for being interested in skilled trades.  I now have a job right out of high school for a business called QMR Excavating.”
2019 Orillia Secondary School Recipient was Lucais McLean.  
2019 Twin Lakes Secondary School Recipient was (Hayden Druery)